Manufacturing Report:
Into Industry 4.0 with data-oriented manufacturing

Insights into Innovative Telecom and Global Network Solutions

Digitalisation in manufacturing: realising opportunities and overcoming challenges

Frequent innovations and structural upheavals are a trademark of manufacturing industry. Demand and market requirements change almost constantly. To meet them, processes and technologies are also constantly evolving. That’s been so since the very first steam-powered mills, through the invention of the assembly line, to today’s ultra-modern mega-factories.

The digitalisation of manufacturing and its transformation through what’s known as Industry 4.0 is just the next in a long line of industry shake-ups.

How can manufacturing companies, especially those with multi-national production sites, address the challenge of implementing new technological solutions? How do they build infrastructure that’s robust enough to fully exploit the new opportunities?

The advantages of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, refers to the merging of production with information and communication technology through digitalisation and networking. New technologies and smart, networked production can deliver huge advantages for businesses and their customers, including:

  • Lower production costs
  • Shorter production times
  • More transparent supply chains
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved processes and better use of resources.

The potential of China and the Asia Pacific

Many companies in North America and Europe already rely on Industry 4.0 digital technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning and analysis of Big Data. The spread of these technologies has been slower in Asian countries, even though government funding is particularly intensive in this region[1]. European companies with the right technologies may be able to take advantage of this by choosing a production location in China - APAC. But that’s only possible when there’s stable infrastructure in place, to guarantee problem-free connectivity and networking across continents.

Connectivity – the key to success in digitalisation

Digitalisation in manufacturing offers companies the opportunity to optimise their production and delivery processes, especially across countries and continents. But that’s impossible unless you have satisfactory connectivity. Manufacturers can only truly benefit from digital solutions when they have sufficient net performance. The starting point is a digital telecommunications infrastructure precisely tailored to your situation and usage that ensures reliable networking of all your locations.

European companies with locations in the China - APAC region have some particular challenges. As well as adapting to differences of culture and language, they must also abide by local rules and regulations that can hinder good communications. Working with a technology partner who has local expertise can help you build an efficient and secure digital infrastructure, and navigate complex cultural, legal, regional political and economic issues.

Our new e-book "Manufacturing Challenges in Data-Driven Production and Networks: Insights into Innovative Telecom and Global Network Solutions" contains valuable insights into China - APAC markets and the opportunities for European companies. You’ll find out more about the challenges of manufacturing in China - APAC for the manufacturing industry, ways to overcome them and how to fully exploit the potential of Industry 4.0 for your business.

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