Cloud computing
in Supply Chain Management

Report written by Reuters Events --- In partnership with China Telecom (Europe)




Cloud computing is becoming an increasing imperative in the supply chain industry. Working from siloed systems with limited points of collaboration is being replace by interconnected systems that allow data to be better utilised by organisations. 

In this 34 page report written from the interviews of leaders in supply chain businesses, business consultancy,  infrastructure providers and academics, Reuters Events in partnership with China Telecom (Europe), CTE, looks at how cloud computing is transforming supply chain management.  We look at what's important to know, how to develop it in your supply chain business and what are lessons learned from case studies in this space.


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Supply chain management: Moving to the cloud

  • The challenges in supply chain management require a new approach
  • Mind the data gap
  • Where cloud completes the picture

Cloud integration & organisational impact

  • Why aren't we already flying high in the cloud?
  • Up in the cloud for a rock solid foundation for data-led supply chains
  • A leap in planning and forecasting
  • Coordinating in the cloud

Infrastructure: Who, when and how?

  • Preparing a shift to the cloud
  • Building towards an end-to-end supply chain via the cloud
  • Combining the digital and down-to-earth

The Future of cloud in supply chain management

  • Advancing analytics in the cloud
  • An age of augmentation
  • Internet everywhere through 5G
  • Blockchain: More than a buzzword

Contributers from CTE


Robin Woolner


European Director of Multinational Corporations Department at China Telecom (Europe)

Yanbing Song

Yanbing Song

Solutions —  CTE

Solution Manager at China Telecom (Europe)